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Baby Shower

Madelyn Marie

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11 Months  Chillin' at the Park

Maddie has a new little sister,
Charlotte Grace.
Photos will get here eventually.

Our dogs are a big part of our home life. They keep us company, make us laugh, snuggle up near us when we don't feel well, and greet us everyday when we come home.

girls          bonnie_clyde

Photos of "The Girls"                          "The Grand Dogs"

Boating Albums

Boating is one of the things we do to relax in the spring and summer.  As a bonus, when we bought our boat, we found a whole new group of friends, called the Oregon Crownies, which is a name for people who own Crownline boats. We get together at least once a year to boat at Detroit Lake, outside Salem, Oregon. The major get-together is the Boat Rally sponsored by our dealer, Stayton Motor Sports. About once a year, the Crownies come south and we try to meet them at Lake Shasta, outside Redding CA.


Photos of Detroit Lake, Lake Shasta, and Trinity Lake which is up in the Trinity Alps west of Lake Shasta. We made that trip with a couple of Crownie families and their friends.

Though we spend most of our boating time at Lake Shasta and Detroit Lake, we have traveled to a few other places. Our favorite trip was to Lake Powell on the Utah - Arizona border. The lake was low that year, but its much lower now.


Photos of Lake Powell trip in 2002


Scenic Areas

In 1998, Mark and I got to fly through the Grand Canyon, that is we were below the canyon rim quite a bit of the time, in a 10 passenger plane. Our camera at the time wasn't great, but the photos do remind us of how lucky we were to have that opportunity, since flying below the rim isn't allowed anymore.

We are also lucky enough to have the first national park ever named just about an hour away from us. Crater Lake is a beautiful place, especially when the clouds aren't hiding the lake itself. Many people visit the Crater Lake National Park from all over the world every year, and its a once in a lifetime experience for them. Its great we can go anytime we have half a day to spare, so we have seen it in all four seasons. All of the photos I have are from spring and summer though, at least for right now.


I have a few pictures of other places in Oregon that don't get the attention Crater Lake does, but I think they are just as pretty in their own way. Almost all of these pictures were taken within two hours travel time from our home.




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